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What is Poë?

It seems you've been living in a nuclear bunker for some time...

Matthew and Ana Poe in the Bar Poe

Bar Poë is a tapas bar in the heart of Granada, Spain. We provide a wide range of drinks from local to world-wide breweries. Every drink comes with a FREE tapa and not any old tapa, oh no, we provide you with a fantastic selection of tapas inspired by different cultures, countries and tastes. There is our famously hot Portuguese Piri-Piri, our traditional Brazilian bean stew (Feijoada), our new Thai Chicken dish, our Italian vegetables and much, much more. And do you know the best thing of all? You get to select what you want!

Just like our tapas, our bar is very international! We attract Spanish locals, Spanish students from all over Spain, International students (Erasmus and just those brushing up on some Spanish), people passing through and settled ex-pats (don't worry - the cool kind). It's a great place to meet new people, chat to barman Matt (As English as baked beans on toast) and his beautiful wife Ana (Angolan but as international as the tapas she makes).

Still not convinced, well check out what everyone else is saying at our "I Love Poë" Group on Facebook!

Come join us - we're open from 8pm until late, tapas are served until 12.30am. See you soon!


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